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I went and bought new clothes

Oct 17, 2020

I went and bought new clothes
She entered a store that sells ready-made clothes and shoes
The shop owner met me
I chose some clothes and went to the changing room and the shop owner came to help me dress and undress
I used to measure new pants, and the shopkeeper helped me adjust the size on it, and his hands were touching my body with all tender and romantic movements
Until he found Kotibi, he stood up and the man noticed that
And I took off the pants and measured a shirt - and I looked at the man, and he found him too, his maid stood up and almost cut his pants off - and we looked at each other and the man approached me and put his hand on my hair and pulled me to him and kissed me in my mouth while I was naked
Then he said, "What do you think? Go to the other room, at the end of the store, and I will come to you."
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